Schedule (2016-2017)

See the explanations at the bottom of the page for price and fee details.

TimeSessionSession/pkgSession/pkg priceAnnual Member Fees
3:00-3:45Sr. Freeskate                  A360.00#
3:45-4:05Sr./Int. Stroking A &B  
4:15-4:35Sr./Int. Skills & Dance*140.00#
4:35-5:30Sr/Int. Spins &FreeskateB415.00#
5:40-6:00Jr. Skills & DanceC440.00
6:00-6:15Jr. StrokingC 
6:15-7:00Jr. Freeskate                               C #


TimeSessionSession/pkgSession/pkg priceAnnual Member Fees
3:00-3:45Sr. FreeskateD360.00#
3:45-4:05Sr./Int. StrokingD & E  
4:15-4:35Sr./Int. Skills & Dance*140.00#
4:35-5:30Sr./Int. Spins & FreeskateE415.00 
5:40-6:00Jr. Skills & DanceF440.00#
6:00-6:15Jr. StrokingF  
6:15-7:00Jr. Freeskate                                F  


TimeSessionSession/pkgSession/pkg priceAnnual Member Fees
3:00-3:45 PMSr./Int. Freeskate G330.00#
3:45-4:00Sr./Int. Skills & DanceG  
4:10-4:25Jr./Int. StrokingH440.00#
4:25-4:45Jr./Int. Skills H  
4:45-5:30Jr./Int FreeskateH  

STARSkate (Wed.&Fri)-2 Days/Wk 

5:30-6:00Pre-CANSKATE III*220.00#
6:10-7:00Canskate II (Wed & Fri) – 2 Days/Wk *450.00 
6:10-7:00Canskate I (Wed or Sat) – 1 Day/Wk*225.00 
6:10-7:00Canskate I Enrichment (Wed or Sat) – 14 weeks *140.00 


TimeSessionSession/pkgSession/pkg priceAnnual Member Fees
3:00-3:45Sr. Freeskate                               J360.00#
3:45-4:05Sr./Int. StrokingJ&K  
4:15-4:35Sr./Int. Skills & Dance*140.00#
4:35-5:30Sr./Int. Spins & FreeskateK415.00 
5:40-6:00Jr. Skills & DanceL440.00#
6:00-6:15Jr. StrokingL  
6:15-7:00Jr. FreeskateL  


TimeSessionSession/pkgSession/pkg priceAnnual Member Fees
4:00-4:45Sr. FreeSKATE*250.00#
4:55-5:15Open Skills & Dance*140.00#
5:15-6:00Open Free*250.00#
6:10-7:00CANSKATE II STAGES 1-4 (2 days/wk)
6:10-7:00STARSkate Stages 5&6 (Wed & Fri) See Wednesday#

CANSKATE II Enrichment on Fridays (16 weeks)                    



TimeSessionSession/pkgSession/pkg priceAnnual Member Fees
11:10-11:40 AMParent & Tot (not in Carnival)*220.001,1,5
11:10-11:40Pre-CanSkate I*220.001,3,5
11:40-12:10 PMPre-CanSkate II*220.001,3,5
11:40-12:10Pre-Canskate 10 Wk Session (Jan 7 – Mar.25) *75.001,3,5
12:20-1:20CANSKATE I ( Saturdays or Wednesday)*see Wed.#
12:20-1:20CANSKATE I Enrichment (14 weeks- Sat. or Wed)*140.00#
1:30-2:00Pre-Canskate Senior (Age 5 and up) *220.00#

Explanation of Session / Package Costs

  • Packages are indicated by capital letters (A-L). Package prices include all sessions with the same letter. Prices are indicated beside the corresponding freeskate. E.g.Package A on Monday includes Freeskate & Stroking for $360. 
  • Certain sessions are priced separately (*)

Explanation of Annual Member Fees

1Skate Canada Fee$38 per skater
2Skate Canada – W.O. Promotional Book$40 per family
3Carnival Costume Deposit$35 per skater
4Chocolate Bar Fundraiser$60 per family
5Family Membership$5 per family
#Pay all fees (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) 

Registration Cost = Costs of Sessions/Packages + Applicable Membership Fees

Private Ice

JuniorCompleting CANSKATE Stage 6 or working on Preliminary Freeskate
IntermediatePassed Preliminary Freeskate
SeniorPassed Senior Bronze Freeskate
OpenOpen to All

Extra Skills session: $8
Extra Freeskate session: $15
Tickets: $50 for book of 5 or $15 per ticket

Spin Sessions

Coaching is not included in the package fee.


Group coaching is included in the package fee.

CANSkate Enrichment

Fridays: 9 weeks Oct. 14-Dec. 9

                7 weeks Jan. 6-Mar. 3

Cost: $160.00

Saturdays: 9 weeks Oct. 15-Dec. 10

                    5 weeks Jan. 7-Feb. 18  (No skating Jan. 14 or Jan. 21)

Cost: $140.00

Extra Freeskate Option

Private Ice skaters have an option to purchase additional Freeskate sessions. Once you have purchased 3 packages, you have the option to purchase additional Freeskate sessions at a reduced rate of $125.00. Please contact Sonia @ 519-381-4666 for more information.